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Specialized Training Course Announcements

Listed below are available specialized training classes which will provide in-service credit for the participant. Classes are listed in alphabetical order. Students may be registered by mail, e-mail: tameka.guild@hampton.gov, or FAX: (757) 595-1801 with the academy registrar. Please fill out our Course Registration Form to register for these classes.

Course Listings


Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Multiple Locations
When : Multiple Dates
Description :
CASC will be conducting six DUID Training Programsacross the Commonwealth in 2018. This training, for judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers, focuses on the difficult cases involving driver impairment due to the use of illegal and/or prescription drugs. Topics to be covered include: Recognizing the Drugged Driver, Crashes, Blood Testing Issues, and much more. Additionally, the latest version of the Virginia DUI Manual will be distributed to all participants.
There is no chargefor this single-day training program. Lunch and break refreshments will be provided at no charge. Virginia State Bar MCLE and In-Service Training Credits (4 hours Legal, 6 hours total) are pending.

The DUID Program will be presented at the following locations in 2018:

Newport News:March 14, 2018 - at the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
Front Royal:March 22, 2018 - at the Warren County Public Safety Building
Richmond:May 14, 2018 - at the Virginia State Police Academy
Wytheville:May 24, 2018 - at the Wytheville Community College
FredericksburgJune 28, 2018 - at the Virginia Military Institute
FredericksburgJune 28, 2018 - at the Rappanhannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy

Note: you must pre-register to attend.

Registration is conducted on-line at http://www.cas.state.va.us/trainingprograms.htm

Contact Ed Hibbard at whibbard@wm.edu or at (757)253-4994 if you have any questions.

Advanced Supervision and Management (ASAM)

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : April 17-18, 2018
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

This class will be taught by Randy Means, J.D., a nationally recognized expert in police management and related legal issues. This is not an ordinary supervision and leadership program. Rather, it deals with a variety of supervisory and managerial responsibilities that are non-negotiable. Supervisory styles can and will vary from supervisor to supervisor but adherence to certain key principles cannot. Leaders absolutely must put employees on clear notice of organizational standards. Those standards must be consistently enforced. Sanctions must be consistent and proportionate. This cannot vary from supervisor to supervisor: overarching consistency must be maintained from workgroup to workgroup. This requires a systemic approach to handling what historically was left to individual supervisory and managerial discretions. The program demonstrates the need for organizational solutions to organizational problems and emphasizes proper roles and responsibilities of various member of the leadership team form first-line supervisors to administrators. this program is for law enforcement leaders at all levels, and especially including command staff.

In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security/Civil Process

Credit Hours: 12 Career Development, 4 Legal

Max Students: 45

Chief Executive Forum

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Christopher Newport University Campus (Grand Ballroom) David Student Union
When : August 7, 2018
Description :
Time: 1300-1700

A group of veteran Law Enforcement executives will respond to a moderator's questions on a variety of different topics. The final hour allows time for questions from the audience.

This forum features:

Sheriff Gabriel Morgan currently serving his third four year term as the sheriff for the City of Newport News.

Chief Michael Brewer currently the chief of the Virginia Port Authority Police Department. Chief Brewer also served with the Newport News Police Department.

Chief Tonya Chapman currently the chief of the Portsmouth Police Department. Chief Chapman also served with the Richmond Police Department.

Asst. Superintendent Linda Bryant, Esq. currently with the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. Asst. Superintendent Bryant also served as a Deputy Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Norfolk.

In-Service: Court Security/Civil Process, Jailor/Custodial, Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 4 Career Development

To register please contact Tameka Guild at tameka.guild@hampton.gov or just come out and we will add you to the roster.

Diversity Driven Policing™

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : October 25, 2018
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

The new human rights training for law enforcement in America™

Curriculum: The existence of a growing “us against them” mentality between police and the public has become a by-product of the current culture. Its impact is being felt in all aspects of our society.

While we tend to focus on blame, Diversity Driven Policing™ is a road to solutions. By understanding the power of culture, its current trends, and the impact it has on diversity and law enforcement, police officials can focus on a greater mission that goes well beyond incidents and embraces the cause of human rights.

This training will assist attendees in understanding the current diverse culture and its impact on law enforcement services. The training will introduce a new policing model with an emphasis on enhancing law enforcement’s ability to effectively communicate with various social and ethnic backgrounds.

In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security/Civil Process

Credit Hours: 6 Career Development, 2 Cultural Diversity

Max Students: 32

Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : May 8, 2018
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

In-Service: Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 8 Career Development

Increased Officer Safety and Public Safety
Police interactions with citizens are in the national spotlight. What previously wouldn't have made the local paper now makes national news. Officers need tools to effectively engage citizens in a professional manner without compromising their own safety in the process. That's why Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters was created through guided discussions, video analysis and case studies, participants will examine:
  • Current Research about the Threats to Officer Safety
  • Going Beyond the Buzzwords: A New Look at De-escalation
  • Know Your Authority: Keeping Contacts Lawful
  • Adaptive Decision Making: Tools for Increased Safety
  • What Pushes Your Buttons? Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconditional Respect: An Officer Safety Tool

  • Cost
    Non-Members - $50.00 per person
    Member - Tuition Free

    Please fill out a registration form for this class at www.hrcjta.org.