HRCJTA Staff - Main Phone Number 757-591-9059 New Direct Phone Numbers for Staff

Scott Barlow, Executive Director
Overall Direction of the Academy

Richard Collins, Deputy Director Administration and Satellite Coordinator:
Responsible for special projects, DCJS liaison, curriculum development, and compliance with DCJS. Assist the E.D. as needed.

(757) 223-8864 - Richard Collins -

Perry Bartels, Assistant Director of Operations and Instructional Development:
Responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing training operations of the Academy. Supervises and develops staff instructors and adjunct instructors. Manages and supervises all aspects of entry-level and in-service training programs.

(757) 223-8873 - Perry Bartels -

Cristy Reamon, Executive Assistant
Reports directly to the E.D. Performs a variety of administrative budget duties related to fiscal and operational matters and assists with the overall functioning of the academy.

(757) 223-8865 - Cristy Reamon -

Patronda Graham, Compliance Manager:
Maintains training records for criminal justice personnel, instructing, liaison for member agencies and Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), and the Academy's representative for DCJS ACE Committee. Acts as the academies records manager. One free transcript per twelve-month period. To Expedite please email request.

(757) 223-8866 - Patronda Graham -

Mo Moffatt, School Coordinator
Plans, organize, and schedules all schools ensuring that mandates and local jurisdiction needs are met. Liaison for D.C.J.S. with instructor certifications.
Hires all professional, certified, and adjunct instructors—Veteran Benefits State (SCO), and Webmaster.

(757) 223-8867 - Mo Moffatt -

Carl Cespedes, Lead Instructor:
Works directly with and ensures that the HRCJTA's basic students receive the mandated DCJS training and serves as the academy curriculum and testing specialist.

(757) 223-8863 - Carl Cespedes -

Tameka Guild, Training Resource Specialist/Registrar
Responsible for training materials for students and instructors. Maintains a library of professional publications, equipment, audio, and visual materials. School registrations.

(757) 223-8868 - Tameka Guild -

Registrations are accepted by email and fax

Staff Instructors:
OFC Kenneth Adams, Portsmouth Police Department
SGT Jeremy Vansickle, Hampton Roads Regional Jail
CPL Jeffrey Phillips, Newport News Sheriff's Office
OFC David Gawryluk, Suffolk Police Department
Their duties include instruction, counseling, monitoring classes, and developing a curriculum.

(757) 223-8869 - OFC Kenneth Adams

(757) 223-8870 - SGT Jeremy Vansickle

(757) 223-8871 - CPL Jeffrey Phillips

(757) 223-8872 - OFC David Gawryluk