2021 HRCJTA Board Members

Executive Committee 2021
Chief Dan Woloszynowski, Chair- Christopher Newport University Police Department
Chief Sean Dunn, Vice Chair- Williamsburg Police Department
Mr. Brad Rinehimer, Finance Chair  - James City County
Sheriff Gabriel Morgan - Newport News Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Darryl Warren - Gloucester County Sheriff's Office
Mr. Tim Doss - Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center
Chief Stephen Keatts- Poquoson Police Department
Interim Chief Alfred Candler - Suffolk Police Department
Mr. William Smith - Western Tidewater Regional Jail

2021 Board of Directors
Accomack County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Todd Wessells
Accomack County, Administrator Michael Mason
Cape Charles Police Department, Chief James Pruitt
Cape Charles, Manager Heather Arcos
CBN University Police Department, Chief Chris Mitchell
CBN/Regent University, President Pat Robertson
Chincoteague Police Department, Chief Robley K. Fisher
Chincoteague, Manager James West
Christopher Newport University Police Department, Chief Dan Woloszynowski – Executive Committee (Chair)
Christopher Newport University, President Paul Trible
Exmore Police Department, Chief Angelo DiMartino
Exmore, Town Manager Robert Duer
Franklin Police Department, Chief C. Steve Patterson
Franklin, Manager Amanda Jarratt
Gloucester County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff D.W. Warren, Jr – Executive Committee
Gloucester, Administrator J. Brent Fedors
Hampton University, Chief Admin Officer Doretha Spells
Hampton, Manager Mary Bunting
Hampton Roads Regional Jail, Interim Superintendent Jeff Vergakis
Hampton Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Karen Bowden
Hampton University Police Department, Chief David E. Glover
Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office, Sheriff James R. Clarke
Isle of Wight, Administrator Randy Keaton
James City County Police Department, Interim Chief Steve Rubino
James City County, Deputy Administrator Brad Rinehimer – Executive Committee (Finance Chair)
James City County, Administrator Scott Stevens
Matthews County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Mark Barrick
Matthews County, Administrator Mindy Conner

Middlesex County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff David Bushey
Middlesex County, Administrator Matt Walker
Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center, Superintendent Tim Doss – Executive Committee
Northampton County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff David Doughty
Northampton County, Administrator John Andrzejewski
Newport News Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Gabe Morgan – Executive Committee
Newport News, Manager Cynthia D. Rohlf
Norfolk State University Police Department, Chief Vincent Moore
Norfolk State University, President Dr.Javaune Adams-Gaston
Old Dominion University, Chief Rhonda Harris
Old Dominion University, President John Broderick
Poquoson Police Department, Chief Stephen Keatts - Executive Committee
Poquoson, Manager J. Randall Wheeler
Portsmouth Police Department, Chief Renado Prince
Portsmouth, Interim Manager LaVoris A. Pace
Smithfield Police Department, Chief Alonzo Howell
Smithfield, Manager Michael Stallings, Jr.
Suffolk Police Department, Interim Chief Alfred Chandler - Executive Committee
Suffolk, Interim Manager Albert Moor
Virginia Port Authority, Chief Mona McLaurin
Virginia Port Authority, Director Stephen Edwards
Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail, Superintendent Roy Witham
William & Mary Police Department, Chief Deborah Cheesebro
William & Mary College, President Katherine A. Rowe
Williamsburg Police Department, Chief Sean Dunn - Executive Committee (Vice Chair)
Williamsburg, Manager Andrew Trivette
Williamsburg James City County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Dave Hardin
Western Tidewater Regional Jail, Superintendent William Smith - Executive Committee
York County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Danny Diggs
York, Administrator Neil Morgan