Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy

   2018 HRCJTA Board Members

Executive Committee 2018-2019

Chief Cliff Bowen, Chair
- Poquoson Police Department
Chief Brad Rinehimer, Vice Chair - James City County Police Department
Mr. Neil Morgan, Finance Chair - York County
Sheriff Gabriel Morgan - Newport News Sheriff's Office



Sheriff Darryl Warren - Gloucester County Sheriff's Office
Chief Tonya Chapman - Portsmouth Police Department
Mr. Tim Doss - Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center
Col. David Hackworth - Hampton Roads Regional Jail
Chief Dan Woloszynowski - Christopher Newport University Police Department

2018 Board of Directors

ACSO, Sheriff Todd Godwin

Accomack, Administrator Michael Mason

CCPD, Chief James Pruitt

Cape Charles, Manager Heather Arcos

CBNUPD, Chief Chris Mitchell

CBN/Regent U, President Pat Robertson

CPD, Chief Randy Mills

Chincoteague, Manager James West

CNUPD, Chief Dan Woloszynowski – Executive Committee

CNU, President Paul Trible

EPD, Chief Angelo DiMartino

Exmore, Town Manager Robert Duer


Franklin, Manager N/A

GCSO, Sheriff D.W. Warren, Jr – Executive Committee

Gloucester, Administrator J. Brent Fedors

Hampton U, Chief Admin Officer Doretha Spells

Hampton, Manager Mary Bunting

HRRJ, Superintendent David Hackworth – Executive Committee

HSO, Sheriff B.J. Roberts

HUPD, Chief David E. Glover

IOWSO, Sheriff James R. Clarke

Isle of Wight, Administrator Randy Keaton

JCCPD, Chief Brad Rinehimer – Executive Committee (V. Chair)

James City, Administrator Bill Porter

Matthews S.O., Sheriff Mark Barrick

Matthews County, Administrator Mindy Conner

Middlesex S.O., Sheriff David Bushey

Middlesex County, Administrator Matt Walker



MPRSC, Superintendent Tim Doss – Executive Committee

NHCSO, Sheriff David Doughty

N.H. County, Administrator John Andrzejewski

NNSO, Sheriff Gabe Morgan – Executive Committee

Newport News, Manager Cynthia Rholf

NSUPD, Deputy Chief Derrick D. Boyd

NSU, Interim Melvin Stith

ODUPD, Chief Rhonda Harris

ODU, President John Broderick

Poquoson P.D., Chief Cliff Bowen – Executive Committee (Chair)

Poquoson, Manager J. Randall Wheeler

PPD, Chief Tonya Chapman – Executive Committee

Portsmouth, Manager Dr. L. Pettis Patton

Smithfield P.D., Chief Alonzo Howell

Smithfield, Manager Peter Stephenson

SPD, Chief Thomas Bennett

Suffolk, Manager Patrick Roberts

VPA, Chief Mike Brewer

Virginia Port Authority, Director Shawn Tibbets

VPRJ, Superintendent Tony Pham

WMPD, Chief Deborah Cheesebro

W&M, President Katherine A. Rowe

WPD, Chief Sean Dunn

Williamsburg, Manager Andrew Trivette

WJCCSO, Sheriff Robert Deeds

WTRJ, Superintendent William Smith

YCSO, Sheriff Danny Diggs

York, Administrator Neil Morgan – Executive Committee