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Listed below are available satellite training classes.  Classes are listed in alphabetical order. Students may be registered by contacting the appropriate responsible person at the specific satellite agency. The contact information is provided with each training class in the course descriptions below.

Course Details

Risk Management & Liability Prevention for Law Enforcement Leader

Category : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : December 4, 2020
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

Mr. Randy Means is a nationally recognized expert in police law, leadership and risk management. Particularly in the high risk, high liability areas of law enforcement, police organizations battle a variety of threats. Injury and death, loss of public trust, and civil liability are daily concerns.

Today, lawsuits and communities question whether a law enforcement agency has responsibly planned and managed a broad array of operational and administrative dynamics. The agency's policies are challenged and hiring, training, supervision and discipline processes are scrutinized.

If police officials have not dealt adequately with these matters, supervisory liability, liability for negligent training, and municipal liability will follow, as will loss of public trust.

Through responsible, systematic planning and implementation, law enforcement supervisors, managers and administrators can minimize the risk of officer misconduct, increase individual and organizational effectiveness, sharply reduce the threat of civil liability, vastly improve community trust, and enhance both officer and public safety. This program shows how.

Training Topics Include:
  • Recruiting and hiring the right people to be law enforcement officers

  • Better use of policy and associated written directives systems

  • Enhanced but lower cost training and testing systems

  • And more..

  • In-Service: Law Enforcement

    Credit Hours: 4 Career Development, 4 Legal

    Max Student: 40