Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy

Satellite Training Course Announcements

Listed below are available satellite training classes.  Classes are listed in alphabetical order. Students may be registered by contacting the appropriate responsible person at the specific satellite agency. The contact information is provided with each training class in the course descriptions below.

Course Details

Defensive Driving Instructor School

Category : Instructor Training
Where : Suffolk Executive Airport
When : April 6-10, 2020
Description :
Time: 0700-1600

First Day at HRCJTA. All following days will be at the Suffolk Executive Airport.

This training will be conducted from 0700-1600 and will include some night time exercises. This course is designed to prepare experienced officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct driver training.
Prerequisites: The applicant must have completed a General Instructor Development course or be able to complete the General Instructor Development course in order to be certified as a Driver Training Instructor. To successfully complete this course the student must attain a minimum of 90% on all required courses and a minimum score of 80% on the final written test.

Each student must bring the following: A valid driver’s license. A law enforcement vehicle equipped with emergency lights and siren, in good mechanical condition with four good tires mounted on the vehicle, and a good spare tire. Special attention should be given to the brakes, steering, suspension, seat belts and fuel system to ensure excellent working condition before arriving on the training site. Agencies are responsible for vehicle maintenance. A tire gauge and 50ft. tape measure would also be useful.

Police equipment or supplies that are not needed in the operation of the vehicle or the safety of the officer should be removed from the vehicle and left at the agency. Vehicles must be covered with minimum automobile insurance as required by law and/or insured by the state or municipality.

Wear comfortable clothing for either warm or cool weather. Working conditions will be strenuous and may involve areas where grease, oil and gasoline are prevalent. Rain gear is recommended.

Students must provide a copy of your agency’s general order/policy on pursuits, vehicle operations and roadblocks.

Students should bring snacks, drinks and complete lunch in a cooler. There will be no set breaks, but there will be approximately a 45 minute break for lunch.

Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security/Civil Process
In-Service Credit: 34 career/1 legal
Max Students: 25