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Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters

Category : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : May 8, 2018
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

In-Service: Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 8 Career Development

Increased Officer Safety and Public Safety
Police interactions with citizens are in the national spotlight. What previously wouldn't have made the local paper now makes national news. Officers need tools to effectively engage citizens in a professional manner without compromising their own safety in the process. That's why Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters was created through guided discussions, video analysis and case studies, participants will examine:
  • Current Research about the Threats to Officer Safety
  • Going Beyond the Buzzwords: A New Look at De-escalation
  • Know Your Authority: Keeping Contacts Lawful
  • Adaptive Decision Making: Tools for Increased Safety
  • What Pushes Your Buttons? Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconditional Respect: An Officer Safety Tool

  • Cost
    Non-Members - $50.00 per person
    Member - Tuition Free

    Please fill out a registration form for this class at www.hrcjta.org.