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Speed Measurement (Radar/Lidar)

Classification : Instructor Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : January 26-30, 2015
Description :

Time: 0700-1545

In-Service: Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 34 Career and 1 Legal

This course will improve your proficiency in the use of police traffic RADAR/LIDAR and develop your instructional skills sufficiently to present the training programs to other law enforcement personnel.

You will learn the characteristics of different types of stationary and moving RADAR units. In addition, you will be coached in the use of instructional methods that emphasize the need for complete equipment familiarity on the part of the RADAR operator. Various aspects of RADAR use, such as the Doppler principle, legal requirements and the relationship of RADAR speed measurement to the overall speed enforcement program will be taught and you will participate in practical exercises utilizing a variety of RADAR equipment.

You will also learn the history and theory behind the development of Lasers. You will participate in "hands-on" practical exercises to become proficient in their use. In addition, we will review teaching methods for this subject and give you an opportunity to refine your instructional skills.

Student Responsibilities: Successfully completed or Certified DCJS General Instructor.

Since this is an instructor certification course, all officers are required to have 2 years prior experience operating radar. Prior lidar experience is not prerequisite.

Each officer will be required to prepare a lesson plan and make a short presentation before the entire class.

Students are asked to review their radar operator manual prior to attending.

Required Equipment: Each office is required to have a basic scientific calculator capable of trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan) such as a Texas Instrument TI-30. (These calculators cost less than $20.00).

Police Unit and radar/lidar equipment currently being used (police unit and radar/lidar unit may be shared by two participants from a jurisdiction).

Registration: To register, please follow the Academy's registration procedures. Contact Mrs. Peggy Damron, Registrar, to enroll by emailing her at pdamron@hampton.gov. This class is limited to 20 students.

Passenger and Property Carrier Enforcement Training

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : September 25, 2014
Description :

Time: 0800-1500

In Service: Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 5 Career Development, 1 Legal

This program is designed to sharpen awareness about regulatory requirements imposed on the for-hire transportation industry and will be open to all sworn officers as well as civilian personnel who have responsibility for taxi regulations and codes compliance officials.

Topics will include:

  • Oversight and enforcement
  • Responsibilities of DMV field agents, where they work, how to contact;
  • Classes of operating authority and requirements;
  • Trends in for-hire services (transportation network companies, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar)
  • How to identify violations;
  • How DMV and law enforcement can work together.

This class will be conducted by DMV special agents assigned to the Commercial Compliance group who work with the subject matter on a daily basis.

There is no charge for this training. To register contact Peggy Damron at (757) 223-8865 or email at pdamron@hampton.gov.

Human Performance in Force Encounters

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : October 9-10, 2014
Description :

Time: 0700-1545

Analyzing a questionable force incident with logic and reason will often result in inaccurate and unrealistic conclusions regarding an officer’s judgment and actions. This uniquely designed class applies science to force analysis to provide the most accurate assessment of an officer’s performance in a force situation.  We will study the physiological changes that occur under critical, life-threatening stress and examine how vision, memory, perception, cognition and performance are altered. You will learn the science of why action is faster than reaction and examine how the timing of many other common officer/suspect movements can affect the dynamics of a confrontation. We will evaluate force related training to ensure that training techniques are not going against the grain of human programming. Real life incidents are also closely examined to demonstrate and explain discrepancies between statements, physical evidence and videos, and also between training and actual performance. If a force action is questionable, this information must be considered if the facts are to be determined. Only then can laws and policies be applied fairly. This class is a must for trainers who design force training, detectives who investigate officer related force incidents, agency administrators who decide on the appropriateness of officers’ force decisions and attorneys who are involved with criminal/civil matters relating to police use of force. Our goals are to maximize training effectiveness and to ensure the most accurate and factual investigation in order to protect agencies and officers from liability.

Topics Include:

Brain Basics
The Visual System
Attention Limitations
Heart Rate and Performance
Perceptual Distortions
Sensory Processing
Action Timing
Video Analysis
Training Analysis

Case Studies    

The presenter Perry Bartels has been in law enforcement since 1994. He currently holds the sergeant’s position of Range Master for the Newport News Police Department’s Training Division and is also the senior Assault Team Leader on the Tactical Operations Unit. Perry is a certified instructor in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, ASP Baton, Chemical Agents, TASER, SWAT and is a Force Analyst certified by the Force Science Institute. He has reviewed thousands of force reports and investigated dozens of questionable force incidents. He is regularly contacted by Internal Affairs, officers, supervisors and other agencies to provide opinions on police use of force and has testified as an expert force trainer. Perry has taught this class to numerous agencies, taught this topic at the International Law Enforcement Educator’s and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference in 2013 and has applied his skills in the analysis of several force incidents.
In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security/Civil Process
Credit Hours: 14 Career Development, 2 Legal

Cops in Court

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : September 11, 2014
Description :

Time: 0800-1630

The Academy is partnering with the Commonwealth's Attorneys' Service Council to provide Cops in Court.

This course focuses on increasing the ability of law enforcement officers to communicate effectively and confidently in the courtroom. With the goal of assisting officers in presenting testimony in a professional, accurate and convincing manner, the course topics include:

  • The Courtroom Environment
  • Report Writing
  • Preparation
  • Effective Direct examination
  • Surviving Cross Examination

While the course is structured around a DUI case, it will develop skills useful for officers who testify in all types bench and jury trials.

Discussions of direct examination and the goals of cross-examination will enable law enforcement officers to better understand the nature of their own testimony, anticipate what questions might be asked of them, and increase their credibility on the witness stand. We will examine the various types of cross-examinations strategies, highlight particular areas subject to attack, and discuss how to avoid pitfalls. Lunch is provided.

Adapted for Virginia from NHTSA's "Cops in Court" program, this training presented by the Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council without charge.

Students attending will receive a PIC-3 from the Commonwealth's Attorneys' Service Council.

For more information, please contact Mr. Ed Hibbard at whibbard@wm.edu. or (757) 253-4994.

Basic Patrol Rifle Operator

Classification : Satellite Training
Where : Suffolk Police Department
When : June 2-4, 2014
Description :

Time: 0800-1700

In-Service: Law Enforcement.

Credit Hours: 24 Career Development.

To register or for more information please contact, MPO Craig at (757) 514-7937