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Course Listings

2016 D.A.R.E. Officer Training (DOT) Announcement

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : November 28 - December 9, 2016
Description :
Time: 0800-1700

In-Service; Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial, and Court Security/Civil Process.

Credit Hours: 4 Legal, 34 Career Development, 2 Cultural Diversity.

The VDTC. along with the VDA will be holding our DOT. The host agency will be the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office.

Lodging and other details, including expenses related to the DOT, will be forwarded to applicants once officers are approved to attend.

This DOT will have a maximum limit of 24 officers. many agencies across the Commonwealth have already requested slots. If you have a need for officer training or updating in the D.A.R.E. "Keepin It Real" program please visit www.vadare.com and click on "training center" or email the VDTC at medfordm@yorkcounty.gov.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information.

Human Performance in Force Encounters

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : November 21-22, 2016
Description :

In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security/Civil Process.

Credit Hours: 14 Career Development, 2 Legal.

Sgt. Perry Bartels will present analyzing a questionable force incident with logic and reason will often result in inaccurate and unrealistic conclusions regarding an officer's judgment and actions. This uniquely designed class applies science to force analysis to provide the most accurate assessment of an officer's performance in a force situation. We will study the physiological changes that occur under critical, life-threatening stress and examine how vision, memory, perception, cognition and performance are altered. You will learn the science of why action is faster than reaction and examine how the timing of many other common officer/suspect movements can affect the dynamics of a confrontation. We sill evaluate force related training to ensure that training techniques are not going against the grain of human programming. Real life incidents are also closely examined to demonstrate and explain discrepancies between statements, physical evidence and videos, and also between training and actual performance. If a force action is questionable, this information must be considered if the facts are to be determined. Only then can laws and policies be applied fairly. this class is must for trainers who design force appropriateness of officer's force decisions and attorneys who are involved with criminal/civil matter relating to police use of force. Our goals are to maximize training effectiveness and to ensure the most accurate and factual investigation in order to protect agencies and officers from liability.

Brain Basics - Attention Limitations - Sensory Processing
The Visual System - Heart Rate and Performance - Action Timing
Memory - Perceptual Distortions - Video Analysis
Perception - Schema - Training Analysis
Cognition - Action/Reation - Case Studies

Max Students: 35

SPD-Basic Crime Scene Class

Classification : Satellite Training
Where : Suffolk Police Department
When : October 31 - November 4, 2016
Description :
Time: 0800-1700

In-Service: Law Enforcement.

Credit Hours: 34 Career Development.

To register or for more information please contact, Sgt. Sobers at (757) 514-7913.

YPSO-Emergency Response Team In-Service 2016

Classification : Satellite Training
Where : York/Poquoson Sheriff's Office
When : October 3-7, 2016
Description :
Time: 0700-1700

In-Service: Law Enforcement.

Credit Hours: 4 Legal, 34 Career Development, 2 Cultural Diversity

To register or for more information please contact, Deputy first Class Kekoa-Dearhart at (757) 890-3662.

Public Informatipn Officer (PIO) School

Classification : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : September 26-28, 2016
Description :
Time: 0700-1545

In-Service: Law Enforcement, Jailor/Custodial and Court Security, Civil Process.

Credit Hours: 20 Career Development, 4 Legal.

The three day media relations training is designed for those in the public safety field who interact with the media in both routine daily contacts and during more major incidents, including both those with no or minimal experience and those more experienced in working with the media.

The classes will involve significant class participation and discussion including real life experiences.

Topics will include-
Understanding the role of the PIO
Understanding the role of the media
Building and maintaining relationships with the media and the community
Virginia Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA)
Preparing a news release
News Conferences
Using the media as a crime fighting tool

The presenter Lou Thurston served in the United States Army honorably until 1972. Lou joined the Virginia Beach Police Department where he served throughout the department. In 1984 he assisted in establishing the Department's first Public Information office where he served until his retirement in 1999. Following his career in Virginia Beach, Lou worked at WTKR-TV, the local CBS affiliate in Norfolk, Virginia, where he used his law enforcement experience to educate newsroom personnel about public safety matters, assisted in the coverage of public safety and other major events and managed a satellite newsroom in Virginia Beach. Lou's passion, for many years, has been police media relations. In 2002 his current position with the Newport News Police Department became available and, realizing how much he missed working in the PIO field, he seized the opportunity to return to the profession.

In his current position, Lou supervises the Public Information Office which is responsible for media relations, internal and external communications, the Crime Line program, special event planning and the Department's video operations.

Max Students: 25