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Course Details

Interrogation Law and Tactical Behavior Science

Category : Specialized Training
Where : Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy
When : Multiple Dates
Description :
May 18, 2018
October 5, 2018

Time: 0700--1545

In-Service: Law Enforcement

Credit Hours: 4 Legal, 4 Career Development

Interrogation Law with Zachery Miller

One of the most misunderstood, and therefore misapplied, aspects of police procedure is the law associated with a criminal suspect’s Miranda-based constitutional rights. The failure to give a Miranda warning during police custodial interrogation can cause issues of evidence suppression. Conversely, the giving of a Miranda warning where there is no legal requirement to do so can inhibit effective criminal investigation. Effective field and custodial interrogations require competency in the area of Miranda-based protections.

Through scenario-based discussions, this class reviews the Miranda basics and applies them to typical police interrogation situations. The legal nuances of field, police station, and jail interrogations will be discussed and conceptualized. Specific topics of discussion will be:

  • Defining "Miranda Custody"
  • Defining "Police Interrogation"
  • The Miranda Warning Itself
  • The Right to Silence
  • the Miranda-Based Right to Counsel
  • The Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel
  • Exceptions to the Miranda Rule

  • The instructor for this class is Zachary Miller, currently a 14-year veteran law enforcement office and accomplished police legal instructor. Officer Miller has provided training on the constitutional laws of policing to police recruits, officers, and agencies throughout the United States. Working closely with the Thomas and Means Law Firm(NC), he has developed numerous training programs and publications dealing with constitutional issues in policing.

    Tactical Behavior Science with Chase Hughes

    The class will be taught by Chase Hughes, #1 bestselling author and nationally recognized expert in interrogation, behavior profiling, nonverbal deception and enhanced persuasion methods. Mr. Hughes is also the creator of the nationally recognized interrogation behavior analysis system and deception measurement tool, The Behavioral Table of Elements.

    This class presents groundbreaking science and tactics for recognizing violent behavior, reading proven nonverbal signals, and field interrogation techniques to enhance officer safety, and human compliance. Law enforcement officers face the very unique challenge of maintaining community relations and facing potential violence simultaneously. The ability to read and influence human behavior at this level will give officers the ability to assess situations with greater clarity, improve community trust, and obtain compliance in difficult situations.